The future of reality

Covid-19 has changed our interaction with other people: we don’t shake hands anymore, we don’t touch people anymore and when we go to a public restroom (if we go) we clean everything we touched before and after.

These are just the real things that changed, but under the hood our world has completely swifted and it is shifting into a digital and real-free world. Our jobs can be done at home in front of a computer, our student can learn from an iPad without moving a foot and our food can be delivery onto our porch with the touch of a finger on the “deliveoo” app.

We don’t need to wait one hour in line for testing a pair of jeans or to check if the latest Nike fit fine in our foots: we can just order everything online and see by our self in our home what fit and what not.

Our future will be less real and more virtual: be prepared for a future where there are no more “restaurant menus” but just Qr-codes, a future where we chat via facetime and not by person.

Our temperature has never been so much important then before.

Some people says that the human race is a social race and the interaciton with other person is mandatory for a good life but what this pandemic has taught is that we can live happy into our houses withut interact with other people.

We can produce less CO2 by working and studying remotely and we can get up a little bit late in the morning.

Of course, there are a lot of downside about this situation and when something is “forced” from the outside people tend to fight back.

This is my first medium article, I’m trying to understand how it works.

Do you have comments about this crazy covid-19 situation ? Let me know in the comment section.



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Marco Dalprato

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